Just been promoted on Miami Tennis News website :)

I’ve just noticed a sudden influx of new readers thanks to a plug on http://www.miamitennisnews.com I’m really excited that people are starting to notice my writing and supporting what I do! I’m off to promote myself at the Professional Tennis Registry’s International Tennis Coaching Symposium at the Van Der Meer Academy in Hilton Head Island, South Carolina on Feb 11th and can’t wait to network with hundreds of tennis professionals from all over the world. I have just finished and ordered a new set of cute business cards to hand out with links to twitter, my blog, the tennisgrandstand website I write a column for and my facebook account! What happened to plain old calling?

The world has become a much smaller place with social media and a much more exciting prospect careerwise. Social media has allowed me to get my writing out to a far bigger audience than ever before and I would encourage anyone who has a talent to just go for it! 

I’ve also got my photo shoot this Thursday and am hoping to do a little bit of redesigning of the blog/website. I’m looking to add coaching videos, product demonstration and much much more in the coming weeks, so watch this space!!! 

Anyway, bye for now,

Melina xoxo


About Melina Harris

Melina Harris is a ghost writer for tennis professionals and coaches worldwide. She provides a professional ghost writing service for tennis professionals needing assistance with writing articles, autobiographies, websites, blogs and coaching guides. She is a PTR qualified tennis coach with several years coaching experience in the UK and has a First Class Honours Degree in English from the University of Leicester, where she was Editor of the Student Newspaper, BBC columnist and number one female representative for the University tennis team. Melina has written freelance articles for a variety of different publications and specialises in tennis journalism. View all posts by Melina Harris

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